Sunday18 November - University main building 
ChairAnders Virtanen
12:00-13:00Registration at the University main building
13:00-13:15Welcome addressAnders Virtanen
13:15-14:00A role for transposable elements in human brain evolutionJohan Jakobsson
14:00-14:45Mitochondrial gene transcription and initiation of DNA replicationClaes M. Gustafsson
14:45-15:15#14 The global RNA-binding protein ProQ regulates the expression of
flagellar gene in Salmonella
Erik Holmqvist
15:15-16:00Hidden Treasures of the RNA world: from moonlighting to riboregulationMatthias Hentze
16:00-16:30Coffee Break
16:30-18:00The 6th Lennart Philipson Memorial Lecture - Viral Noncoding RNAs: Diversity in Form and FunctionJoan A. Steitz
18:00-19:00Welcome reception at the University main building (open for all)
19:00Buffet dinner at GH Nation (pre-registration nessecary)
Monday19 November - Norrlands Nation 
ChairAnders Byström
08:00-09:00Registration at Norrlands Nation
09:00-09:45Transcriptional architecture and regulation of mammalian noncoding RNAsClaudia Kutter
09:45-10:30N6-methyladenosine RNA modification in health and diseaseFrancesca Aguilo
10:30-11:00Coffee break
11:00-11:20Bimodal effect of RNA on aggregation of the tumor suppressor protein p53Suparna Sanyal
11:20-11:40The role of RNA in synapse physiology and neurodegeneration in models of Parkinson’s diseaseT. F. Outeiro
11:40-12:00Mechanistic analysis of human diseases that destabilize U12 snRNPMikko J. Frilander
ChairSuparna Sanyal
13:30-14:00The diverse biological roles of ADAR RNA editing enzymesLiam Keegan
14:00-14:45Integrating multiple gene expression datasets to understand cancerAlvis Brazma
14:45-15:15Coffee break
ChairMary O’Connell
15:15-16:15The SciLifeLab The Svedberg seminar - Targeted Antisense Therapeutics for Modulation of Splicing or NMDAdrian Krainer
20:00Dinner at Norrlands Nation (pre-registration is nessecary)
Tuesday20 November - Norrlands Nation 
ChairMary O‘Connell
09:00-09:45Wobble Uridine Modifications in EukaryotesAnders S. Byström
09:45-10:05An Ultra-Sensitive Next Generation Sequencing Strategy for the
Identification of Fusion Genes from RNA CaptureSeq Datasets for the Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Clinical Diagnosis
Andrea Grioni
10:05-10:25Changes in levels of A-to-I RNA editing and protection from malariaJaclyn Quin
10:30-11:00Coffee break
11:00-11:20Reprogramming tRNA modifications to combat cancerL. Peter Sarin
11:20-11:40microRNAs as a functional link between obesity and cancerAri Meerson
11:45-12:30Regulatory drivers of gene expression covariances in single mammalian cellsMarc R. Friedländer
12:30-13:00Telomere biology disorders and RNA poly(A) metabolismAnders Virtanen
14:00Tour of Uppsala upto 3 hours.
The tour starts at the entrance of Norrlands nation.


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